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December 6th, 2018

3 incumbents not seeking re-election to Woodstock City Council


The makeup of Woodstock City Council is poised to shift in April, as three incumbents are not seeking re-election. Continue here.

January 23rd, 2019

Woodstock expands, gets plan for downtown


Woodstock got a little bigger last week.

It also got a plan to make the downtown a lot better.

And it created a few new places to celebrate those achievements with a drink. Continue here.

January, 19th 2019

No ‘slate’ in campaign for City Council


Three members of the advisory council for Promote Woodstock are running for City Council, but they say it’s no conspiracy.

It’s not even a “slate” of candidates like those some cities in McHenry County have seen, according to candidate Darrin Flynn.

“No one got together before [filing],” said Flynn, who is the D in D&A Apothecary Salon on the Woodstock Square.

“We’re running as individuals,” Lisa Lohmeyer said. “At least I am.”

They, along with council candidate Wendy Piersall, are among 18 members of the advisory body for Promote Woodstock, which is described as a public-private partnership funded by the city to increase tourism and local economic development projects, and to create a stronger sense of community. Continue here

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